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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Road to Nicaragua

It's been since April of 2012 that I wrote here. Sad. Disappointing. Life of a working mom going to grad school? Lack of inspiration? Lame? I fear it is the latter! But a dear pastor reminded us this morning, at the 20th Anniversary of the church he planted, God's mercies are new every morning! Great is God's faithfulness!
So it is with those new mercies that we can begin again, and again and again! Ever seeking to be faithful in return to God's faithfulness to us. As undeserved as it is. So I begin here, at this blog spot again. Why not? Seems a good time to do so...as I look forward to so much...
  • To the coming of the King
  • To finishing my Master's of Practical Theology degree
  • To returning to a special place called El Ayundante Nicaragua
  • To a new year with my sweet, patient, handsome and amazing husband
  • To being home more with my fabulous teenage daughters
  • To seeing where God might call me to GO!
Speaking of GO! During Lent last year, Rethink Church, a really cool ministry of the United Methodist Church that I would love to work for someday, did this photo challenge. I participated for most of it, but I petered out at the end - typical! So this time it is shorter - maybe 25 days will be easier than 40 days?- and so I am giving it another GO!
 That word GO! It keeps popping up in my life the past year. First I was called to GO to Nicaragua, then I was called to GO to my first church job at Biltmore United Methodist Church, and then I was called to GO to Rutherford Regional Hospital to do my Clinical Pastoral Education (chaplaincy internship), and now I am called to GO back to Nicaragua with my daughters! That word, GO! became part of my first (and only) sermon that I preached in July. GO! DO! LOVE! 
So isn't it fitting that the first day of the Rethink Church photo challenge for Advent is GO!? GO figure! 
So here is my picture for GO...
My caption says - Sometimes we are called to GO and we don't even know where we are going or how we are going to get there! But if we believe God is faithful we will go anyway!
So going back to Nicaragua this year wasn't what I really thought we should do. But again I am reminded that God is faithful. So the money will come somehow and we will get there safely even though the girls and I arrive an hour in Managua before the rest of the team and that scares me a little, okay - a lot! But when I hear Mack, that founding pastor, speak of a ministry that began years ago in Nicaragua because of his being faithful and listening to God and obeying, then I know I must GO!

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