31 Days...

Saturday, November 22, 2014


So three days ago I read a friend's blog about being thankful and keeping a journal. The same day I  read a devotional that also talked about keeping a thankful journal. I told my blogging friend I got the message yet I didn't begin my journal. So, I've been in this mode of regretting what I haven't done or considering and planning for what I INTEND to do and tonight after this amazing evening with my friend whose blog first inspired me and another friend who has been inspiring me for years...two amazing women...(my husband just called the three of us the God Squad!)...I realized I just needed to start! (Sorry for that incredibly run on sentence!)
But seriously...just start! Don't regret what I didn't do and don't continue to anticipate what I'm going to do...JUST DO IT!
So here it is...my first entry of my thankful list!
1) My amazing women friends
2) My wonderful and patient husband
3) My clean bathroom
4) Red wine
5) Warm days after days of bitter cold...this southern girl does not like winter.
Bam. I did it. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Countdown to...

So, I am the most pathetic blogger. Probably not in the history of blogging, but I am pretty lame. I really did have great intentions, but we all know what they say about good intentions...

So I am going to try once again! And this time I am really motivated! (cough,cough) But seriously. I. Am. I have those negative thoughts that no one really cares what I have to say, why would ANYONE want to read my silly blog posts. But then I realize that I do have something to say - and if no one wants to read it - that's okay. Maybe if nothing else my daughters will read them when they are grown and realize that their mother was as kooky as they thought! It might even save them some money on counseling!

Okay - all kidding aside. I do want to share my journey. My story. Because what I have learned in the past however many years  - I'd say at least throughout my 40's  - is that you just never know who might learn something from an experience you have had or someone might just need to know they aren't alone in the situation. So, maybe my words will help someone. Or make them laugh. Or even cry. But at least they will know they are not alone.

My current "life situation" is pretty easy to sum up! 

In two months I'm turning FIFTY! Yep, the BIG 5-0!! I know, right!? How can that be! I swear I just turned 40 a few minutes ago! Really, I did! (insert screeching tire sound here!)
Obviously it's been a little longer than that, but none the less...

So here is the deal HUMANS (my new favorite way to address the masses - all 2 of you reading this - which I am stealing from actor Tim Daly who is the hot, theologian husband on my new favorite show Madame Secretary), I am not exactly where I hoped and dreamed I would be as I approach 50. It's like this - I am out of shape, I am not as healthy as I would like to be, I am not serving where I truly believe God has called me to serve. I have become complacent, discouraged and even apathetic! This is not a good place for a Seven to be.  I have an amazing husband and two incredible daughters and that is more than I deserve - but I know I can be more and do more!
So today I begin a journey - to wholeness, to living wholeheartedly, to getting into shape and most important of all - to seeking to follow God's will for my life no matter how unequipped or inadequate I might believe I am - because I know God equips the called. 
I won't likely post every day - but I will attempt to share my journey. I will be looking for a new perspective. Continuing on the path to being bold and courageous. Seeking to live a life worthy of the blessings.
Join me as I enter the fifth decade of my life  - Fabulous at 50! That's my new mantra!