31 Days...

Saturday, November 22, 2014


So three days ago I read a friend's blog about being thankful and keeping a journal. The same day I  read a devotional that also talked about keeping a thankful journal. I told my blogging friend I got the message yet I didn't begin my journal. So, I've been in this mode of regretting what I haven't done or considering and planning for what I INTEND to do and tonight after this amazing evening with my friend whose blog first inspired me and another friend who has been inspiring me for years...two amazing women...(my husband just called the three of us the God Squad!)...I realized I just needed to start! (Sorry for that incredibly run on sentence!)
But seriously...just start! Don't regret what I didn't do and don't continue to anticipate what I'm going to do...JUST DO IT!
So here it is...my first entry of my thankful list!
1) My amazing women friends
2) My wonderful and patient husband
3) My clean bathroom
4) Red wine
5) Warm days after days of bitter cold...this southern girl does not like winter.
Bam. I did it. 

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