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Saturday, March 28, 2015

About Iona

I know, right? Two days in a row! Just goes to show that there are still miracles! :)

Today will be short and sweet though! As I promised yesterday, I wanted to share more about Iona. But since I haven't been there yet I decided to simply share this link about Iona. 

The things I have been told are that there are no cars. It's super small like 1 mile by 3 miles. I grew up on an island myself so I understand this concept! Chincoteague was only about 3 miles by 7 miles. I have also been told there are more sheep than people! I think this should be entertaining because I also know that sheep aren't very bright animals and then of course there is SO much theology surrounding sheep. So I'll be paying close attention to those sheep and their shepherds!

(photo from Iona Website)

I have also been told that the rocks at one certain area of the island are very special. My friend Joy told me I have to walk to this spot - it is where Saint Columba landed when he was fleeing his native Ireland following tribal feuds. So I am counting on finding some pretty cool rocks!

(Photo from Iona website)

So all in all - sheep and rocks - oh and of course the people of the Iona Community. But I will share more on that part later!  It appears to be a beautiful place though and I truly cannot wait! 

Only 49 days...

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