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Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Beginnings

Fall. It's not here yet...but this evening I could feel just a tinge of it in the air. A cold front quietly moved through the mountains(thank you Lord) this afternoon and cleared the air and cooled us off just a bit. But fall has always been my very favorite time of year. I remember writing a paper once - many years ago..somehow comparing it to the clothes in my closet - yeah, I have no idea...that's all I remember! But the feeling of the story was that it was a time of renewal and new beginnings.
I think most people tend to view New Year this way...or Spring...but there is something about the smell of pencils and school supplies, the falling leaves, the crispness in the air, pulling out the long sleeves and seeing the clearness of the (cough, gag) Carolina blue skies. (that is hard for a Wahoo to spit out) I have been yearning for the fall in the past few weeks. Perhaps it is the extreme heat we have had to endure this summer and the fact that we seemed to have gone straight from winter to summer. Or maybe it is just the knowing that I am about to embark on a brand new and very exciting, albeit daunting adventure.
In just a little more than a week, I begin furthering my education! It's been 23 years since I graduated from UVA. I've taken a few classes here and there since then...including an online class in Spring 09 on middle school curriculum - I got an A!
But this time - it's for real! Masters in Practical Theology. Okay - I know - even I think it's an oxymoron! But it is where I am being led on this crazy journey called MY LIFE! And I am trying to just hold on and go for it! He(that would be God) has led me here and so I am going to trust like I have never trusted before and go. I am elated, excited, enthusiastic...and scared to freakin death! How will I get the reading done? How am I going to pay for all this? Can I really drive 2 hours each way, sit through a 3 hour lecture, find time to read, sleep and work AND raise two very active daughters? Oh - and of course I am always steeped in my work at the church - but I wouldn't have it any other way!
So, I pick up the much lighter suitcases...and fewer these days too...and pack my school supplies in a new bag. Here I come graduate school! Cause this is one of those bold and courageous steps I have been planning to take!

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