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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unpacking the Suitcase

So after the Lent service last night, and Paul's use of the backpack for the things that we need to carry on our journey...I had another thought. My bags are so heavy I can hardly even lift them.
I look around my home and see all this STUFF. Stuff - not even stuff that I really want. Just stuff. And we've all heard it said that the way things look on the outside is how they are on the inside.
I have done a great job over the years of presenting myself as "all put together". I appear to have it all - great kids, good job, nice house, decent car, take good vacations, fabulous friends, even at one point most people would have thought I had a good if not even great marriage. But as the saying goes...you just never know what is really on the inside. Don't get me wrong - I am not a complete and total mess...well, I don't think I am! But as I continue this journey toward wholeness - I become more and more aware of just how much stuff I do have - not just on the outside, but importantly on the inside. And at 45, I think it is really time to let it go.
So I begin the job of unpacking the suitcase(s) that I have been lugging around for about 30 years...

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